Saturday, February 28, 2009

Okay, no Ty but we got Paulie

Hubby was able to get us in "behind the scenes" at the extreme makeover house. Ty was inside, along with some of the other regulars. But Paulie came out (he's the guy that wears the thick black glasses) and I got my picture with him and so did my hubby's daughter. He was the nicest guy!! I'm still a bit impressed by all the people that did all that work. Talk about an organized chaos. The program should air in April, but I'm not sure when.

If you're a fan, just watch for the house in Montgomery, Alabama and the Jordan family.


  1. Cool Beans, I had a friend in Brandon Ms get to meet them too. Okay I am trying to comment let's see what happens :-)

    okay you do have that word verification thingy LOL let me see if it will go thru now

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