Thursday, March 26, 2009

Teenagers part II

Wow, sorry it's been so long in between posts, but let me tell ya why:

We got back from the beach (which was wonderful) and two days later we got a call from my husband's ex telling him to come and get his son. Evidently he ran away. So, we drove down to Florida and started looking for him. We finally found him the next day. He had been at some kids house doing drugs. He told us he had been doing marijuana, LSD, Percocet and inhaling keyboard air dusters. WOW!!! Anyway, we drove him up to Montgomery and the next day he was admitted into a rehab facility, where he's been ever since.

We got to drive up to the facility Monday and Wednesday (yesterday). It's a 3 hour drive, so we've spent quite a bit of time on the road. But we got to see him yesterday and that was worth the drive. This is our first experience with rehabs and I've heard so many stories of failure, but we're being very hopeful. Although, I realize that it doesn't really matter what we want, or what we do, it all depends on the choices HE makes. He's supposed to be in there until April 4th, and then he'll have a 90 day outpatient program, followed by a year long less intensive program.

Anyway, we're taking this one day at a time. If you're reading this and have had a family member go through something like this, I'm open for any advice/suggestions. In any event, keep our son in your thoughts and prayers.

PS I guess the book idea will have to be postponed for a little bit. Besides, we haven't been getting a huge response anyway.

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  1. Hey girl, I was wondering where you were. I haven't had a family member but I have had a close friend. She went to the same place or at least it was in Montgomery too. The first time she failed after being release. This second time seems to be a little better because she got a Sponser (msp?) so I would suggest going that route before he is release the first time. Have somebody that has gone through what he may make the difference I will put him in my prayers.